We are a small start up operation in Hillsboro, Oregon. We focus on lost wax casting. We preform the modeling, wax work, treeing, casting, and finishing completed in-house. Our interests also extend to many areas of metal smithing. Metal dice account for the main portion of our manufactured at this time, but there is interest expanding  product lines as we grow.


Aaron Besser – Owner

I have been tinkering with various types of metal smithing work for about a decade now. Most of the types of projects I have been working on have been for things in the LARPing nerdom like; armour smithing, acid etching, chain maille, cosplay, ect… I picked up lost-wax casting during my quest for belt buckles/d-rings that weren’t terribly plain. Later I decided to try making some gaming dice out of metal, mostly just to see if I could. It turns out the lost-wax casting process can make some really cool dice and after posting some pictures around the web I got really positive feedback. Now, as an excuse to turn my hobby into a business I am making them available for everyone.

Golda Besser – Owner

I took a few jewelry classes during my college career leading to my interest and support this venture. More recently I have focused on the administration as we bring the fruits of our production to market and wax work.

My current hobbies are hiking, trailing, camping, and baking.