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Live through February 10th, 2016

Interested in solid metal dice?
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Collections Available

  • Companion Series
  • Amtgard Series
  • Valence Series
  • Kickstarter Special - 1
Trayser Metal Works is combining a 5000-year-old technique with modern casting technologies to create some of the most precise and detailed dice in the world. Available in dozens of different styles and your choice of metal alloy.
  • Yellow Brass
  • Ancient Bronze
  • Sterling Silver
  • Fine Silver
  • White Bronze Alloy
  • Aluminum Alloy

Our Process

Our love for metal work started over a decade ago, tinkering in Aaron’s parent’s garage. Since then we’ve gathered all sorts of metal working skills and tools, culminating our craft into a highly refined and detailed technique known as investment casting.
  • process_Mill_Calibration
  • Wax injection
  • Wax master
  • Vacuum Casting with the Kerr Electromelt
  • process_Disc_Sander_2
  • CAD modeling